Hive Advisory Inc. (HIVE) is non-traditional management consulting firm designed to develop and expand a network of highly skilled, certified and trained management consultants (Hive Advisors) that specialize across various service lines and industry sectors. Learn More >

HIVE Clients

  • Platinum rating of service delivery and project outcomes

  • A network of Hive Advisors: independent, certified, professional and highly experienced

  • Ranged fixed fee structure entered on a per project basis

  • Full transparency on project teams and their capabilities

  • Rating system for HIVE clients on Hive Advisors and their projects

  • Enhanced client experiences through technological platforms and portals

Hive Advisors

  • Horizontal consulting structure

  • Equitable level of compensation centred on a per project basis

  • Flexible work hours and project involvement

  • Choice on project selection

  • Optimized and virtual working environment

  • HIVE network access, learning tools and templates

HIVE Pillars

  • HIVE's Network spans across all three major pillars of consulting

  • Research, create and analyze your business strategy

  • Redefine, optimize and enhance your operations

  • Identify, valuate and mitigate your risks

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